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Air Duct Cleaning

Call us at 800-SKY-8059 (759-8059) to book your duct cleaning service to improve your home’s air quality!

Having your air duct system cleaned by our professional duct cleaning Ottawa technicians does more than save you money on your monthly energy bills, it also improves the quality of air that recirculates in your home, condo, office, school, hospital, hotel and workplace.

Dirty air duct systems have been found to vastly contribute to an unhealthy indoor environment and aggravate or create health problems that could easily be reduced and alleviated through regular cleanings of your existing air duct systems.

Ottawa Duct Cleaning will Save You Time & Money

Home owners in Ottawa often ask us if duct cleaning in Ottawa would reduce the amount of time they spend cleaning their home and provide a healthier environment for their family. The answer is YES.

Studies have shown the average home accumulates 40lbs of dust every year. So where does this dust go? Well a good portion is circulating through your ducts in your home. How it works: return ducting (large vents in your home) are pulling air in like a vacuum into your home’s furnace equipment and then the air is pushed back out through the ducts forcing air out supply vents in your home.

You can now see whenever heating or cooling you home, you are recycling dust, germs, among other airborne contaminates. Using computerized particulate counters we understand the magnitude of the problem and how to deal with the issue. We are highly trained technicians with decades of experience in Ottawa duct cleaning. We have truck powered equipment and the experience to properly clean your home’s duct system the right way. Our experience has given us a wide range of techniques and procedures including the use of video cameras and devices, which help our service technicians achieve the best possible results.

You can see what is inside the ducting and furnace equipment in your home to provide peace of mind knowing that your home’s air quality will be safe for you and your family and that your energy bills will be less as your system will be running more efficiently.

Call us at 800-SKY-8059 (759-8059) to book your Ottawa duct cleaning service to improve your home’s air quality!

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